To start, I apologize for all the stupid ads, so here’s the list:

Memento 2000
Ponty Pool 2008
Bronson 2008
Uncanny 2015
Metropolis 1927
*Kagemusha 1980
The Last Unicorn 1982
*The Thin Blue Line 1988
Things We Lost in the Fire 2007
*Moonrise Kingdom 2012
*Nightcrawler 2014
Dope 2015
Beasts of No Nation 2015
*The Fundamentals of Caring 2016
*Tucker & Dale vs. Evil 2010
*Sunset Boulevard 1950
In Your Eyes 2014
These Final Hours 2013
The Way Back 2010
Snow on Tha Bluff 2011
Oldboy 2003
Kung Fury 2015
The Invitation 2015
Creep 2014
Centurion 2010
* Ones I have seen and vouch for.
There are quite a few movies on this list I have not seen or even heard of. Next time I’m needing a movie, I’ll check this list before I head to Redbox.



I finally saw this yesterday. I had low expectations, but was very pleasantly surprised. I had wondered how they could come up with a whole movie based on events in a 10X12 foot room. Half the movie was in this room, but half was otherwise. I won’t tell, but just know it’s well worth your time. Brie Larson was amazing, as was the little boy Jacob Tremblay. She should probably get best actress, although I have not seen Carol. I’m not sure if I think it should get best picture or not, but it was better than Mad Max, which I liked a lot.


I’m cheap, so I watch a lot of Netflix. Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • NURSE JACKIE has recently come to Netflix streaming. I haven’t had HBO in a while, so I had only seen halfway through the 4th season. This weekend I binged something like 20 episodes. They’re less than a half hour, so it isn’t hard to do. I still love it!
  • BROADCHURCH – Season 1 I saw last year and I recently watched Season 2. It was just as good, being a continuation of the first. My recommendation is to watch both seasons without a year in between. Season 1’s events have a bearing on Season 2. So good.
  • JESSICA JONES – It’s a new Netflix original. I watched it over a couple of weeks and they ended Season 1 with no unanswered questions. Not as good as Broadchurch, but definitely worth watching.
  • GRACE & FRANKIE stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Interesting for older people like me, but I watched it over a weekend in Santa Fe with my daughter and her boyfriend. We all liked it a lot.


The Golden Globes are coming up this Sunday, January 10, and their nominations are a good indicator of what will be up for Oscars. I like that the GGs have 2 Best Motion Picture categories, Drama and Musical or Comedy. I try to see all of the big ones before the event, and here are the ones I’ve seen and my favorites of those.

For Best Motion Picture-Drama, the nominees are:

  1. Carol
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road – at Redbox
  3. The Revenant – wide release this Friday 1/8
  4. Room
  5. Spotlight – still in theaters

I’ve only seen Spotlight and Mad Max. Of these I thought Spotlight was the best. I really liked Mad Max, though, much more than I thought I would. Good luck seeing Carol or Room before the GGs, unless you go to the Angelika in Dallas or Plano.

For Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy, the nominees in order of my preference are:

  1. Trainwreck – at Redbox
  2. Joy – still in theaters
  3. Spy – at Redbox
  4. The Martian – still in theaters
  5. The Big Short– still in theaters

I’ve see all of these, and Trainwreck is my favorite. It’s Best Picture quality because of the brilliant writing and Amy Schumer’s screen presence! She’ll be big for a long time, I predict.